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Q Portable Barbeque GrillQ Grill   Q Grill Seen On TV portable affordable  INTRODUCING THE Q BBQ.... THE NEXT GENERATION IN GRILLING. Winner of the Bronze IDEA Award! The Thane Q BBQ Grill is a compact, portable, and incredibly affordable gas grill! Its an excellent choice for marine grilling. The Q is revolutionizing outdoor grilling. It allows you to barbeque the right way and get the mouthwatering taste of flame grilling. Take it to the beach or to the football game. Take it camping, hiking, biking, or boating. It's also great for your RV and uses small, inexpensive propane tanks (available almost everywhere) that fit neatly, right inside. You'll get hours of cooking time from just one tank! It also has dual gas controls with a full range of cooking temperatures, so you can sear on high heat on one side and toast buns on the other, just by adjusting the flame. It has high grade gas jets, giving you uniform heat for perfect grilling every time. And unlike others, the Q BBQ has 105 square inches of non-stick cooking surfaces! They pop right out for easy cleaning, and are dishwasher safe. And the disposable grease drip trays make Q BBQ cleanup a snap. The grill body is made of durable steel with heat resistant cool-grip handles. The Q BBQ weighs just 13 lbs., so you can go anywhere and cook anything you want, any time you want. Plus, there's never a need to cook in the dark. Just click on the built in light so you can always see what you're doing. Closed dimensions: H - 23 in W - 6.5 in L - 13 in Open dimensions: H - 14 in W - 12.5 in L - 26.5 in  Only  $99.00

Q Barbecue Grill Portable

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